Current Situation and Trend Analysis of Fleet Management Solution

The following is the current situation of fleet management solution:

1. Industry analysis

There are large amounts of vehicles, the vehicle environment is complex, the business volume is large, the business is many, the manual management efficiency is not high, the operation is not transparent, the operation lacks the basis to establish the vehicle management system alone, the cost is high, and there is no good technical and commercial platform on the market. Faced with the lack of existing platform functions, backward technology.

The functions are limited to location service and lack of real-time operation of vehicles and driver. The lack of dynamic management and means makes it difficult for the vehicle scheduling, management and cost accounting means and methods. The existing management platform is difficult to upgrade and it is troublesome to add new functions.

2.Current situation and trend

It is necessary to know the location of all the vehicles, the situation of the car, the traffic, the operation, the match of the man and the car, the cost and the accident, so as to improve the efficiency of the vehicle to the maximum. Effectively prevent private use of the public car, public expense reimbursement for private oil, unreasonable use of cars and the high cost of auto repair and auto parts. It is necessary to accurately understand the mileage of the motorcade, oil consumption, record files, maintenance files, cost accounting, and so on, and how to get the best route, how to avoid the business confusion between drivers, the mismatch of the people and the car, the accident violation and so on. How to manage and regulate vehicle maintenance.

3.The three main elements

Vehicle (terminal): the team management needs to know the actual information of the vehicle, including the position of the vehicle, the fault, the ride, the violation, the maintenance, the condition of the car and so on. All these data need to be collected through the terminal.

Platform: vehicle data and driving information collected by intelligent vehicle terminals need to be managed, processed, analyzed and counted before they can be displayed to managers. Therefore, a platform for real-time data acquisition, processing, analysis, computation and large capacity storage is necessary.

The team management is ultimately for the management of the staff, so the vehicle information that has been collected and analyzed can be easily and quickly and intuitively displayed to the managers. So it needs the corresponding application classification and display form. The intelligent mobile phone( App) and the network terminal (LASO PC) are also essential.