• 8 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Change Sports

    The leading minds in sports convened in Boston at the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to share ideas about how big data will be a game-changer for fans, players, coaches, officials and front-office personnel.

    Analytics and big data have potential in many industries, but they are on the cusp of scoring major points in sports. From coaches and players to front offices and businesses, analytics can make a difference in scoring touchdowns, signing contracts or preventing injuries.

  • Big Data in financial markets is now getting the "Fintech" treatment

    This article was originally published by International Business Times.

    Within the silos of incumbent financial services, so-called fintech companies are good at picking off one thing only and doing it well.

    This approach is also taken within data science, where a lot of the properly intelligent work is about understanding the domain (problem) and how best to use the information/data for the problem you have. In doing so, a fintech approach—collaboration, open-sourcing code—is helping to gradually change the culture of finance, even in some hitherto heavily guarded domains.

  • Data Science Skills - Our MOOC and online platforms selection

    In today's Big Data-crazy world, data scientists might be the most-coveted workers in the IT industry, pretty much able to write their own ticket and work wherever they want in the midst of an ongoing skills shortage. Nevertheless, certain skills make potential candidates even more desirable to employers willing to shell out big bucks for the best talent.

    In order to help you gain new skills online, here is our MOOC and online platforms selection: 

  • How to Design and Implement a Data Lake?

    Companies  are continuously envisioning new and innovative ways to use data for operational reporting and advanced analytics. The Data Lake, a next-generation data storage and management solution, was developed to meet the ever-evolving needs of increasingly savvy users.

    The white paper published by Knowledgent (a data and analytics firm ) explores existing challenges with the enterprise data warehouse and other existing data management and analytic solutions. It describes the necessary features of the Data Lake architecture and the capabilities required to leverage a Data and Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) model. It also covers the characteristics of a successful Data Lake implementation and critical considerations for designing a Data Lake.

  • IT teams want to simplify big data analytics process

    Companies such as Yahoo, Merck, Macy's and eBay have moved to clear obstacles that were blocking the path to success with big data analytics applications.

    Even with the expanding array of advanced analytics tools now available for use, analytics teams still face plenty of challenges in developing big data applications and getting useful information from them.

  • Obama's Case study : Big Data in politics

    Months before to the Election Day in November 2012 , over 1.000 paid staff worked on the campaign, 2,2 million volunteers and in total more than 100 data analysts who ran more than 66,000 computer simulations every day. The objective of the campaign set out by Jim Messina was to “measure everything” in order to get useful insights during the compaign.

  • The 10 Coolest Big Data Products Of 2015

    Big data analytics remains one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry with market researcher Wikibon predicting that the worldwide market for big data analytics hardware, software and services will nearly double from $27.4 billion last year to $50 billion in 2018.

    Sales for visual data discovery tools are exploding. And it seems that hardly a day passes without some new Hadoop-related software or cloud-based analytics application being introduced. We're also seeing interesting trends as big data analytics technology is applied to IT security and tools for analyzing the huge volumes of data generated by Internet-of-Things devices begin to hit the market.

    Here's 10 big data products that debuted in the first half of this year that caught our attention.


    Tableau 9.0

    Tableau launched this major release of its visual analysis software in April with faster performance and a new "analytics-in-the flow" capability that lets users stay focused on their analytical tasks rather than writing new calculations or preparing data. The application's Smart Maps are faster and more responsive while the new auto data preparation feature helps clean up messy data.

  • The Real Limitations of Big Data

    “Every revolution in science—from the Copernican heliocentric model to the rise of statistical and quantum mechanics, from Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection to the theory of the gene—has been driven by one and only one thing: access to data.”

    That was the eye-opening opening of a keynote address given yesterday by the brilliant John Quackenbush, a professor of biostatistics and computational biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who has a dual professorship at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and ample other academic credits after his name.

  • What is the Big Data Moment of Truth Model and its Decision Making Quadrants?

    In this new era where Big Data is starting to have a big impact on economy; something I called Bigdatanomics in my doctoral thesis (SARSAR, 2015); practitioners are seeking new levers to drive fast (h1), proactive (h2) and or better decisions (h3).