Socialize Decision Making

Incorporating social Media intelligence into the widest possible range of function and processes is the future of  Business Adminstration.

Few enterprises today are using tools to get social media insights and integrate them into their operations.  SAP ,salesforce, Netbase and other applications are flourishing in the market to enable companies to glean those insights quickly and examine them side by side with internal information on a number of business functions in order to look for confirmations and correlations.

Nowadays companies need real time and high quality information to take proactive decisions and plan strategies. Consequently , they are seeking and collaborating jointly with software editors to integrate and embed social media insight and analysis into nearly every enterprise process.


Here are just a few examples of ways in which corporate customers can benefit from the use of Social Media Analytics:

  • Account executives can use the application to discover what customers are saying about brands and products, and use that intelligence to plan communication strategies
  • Marketing managers can use it to evaluate the reaction to marketing campaigns and shape future campaigns.
  • Product managers can use it to obtain feedback on new products and their features, and learn how to improve them in the next version - or even find which features of a competitive product consumers like best.
  • Operations managers for consumer goods manufacturers can use it to help plan production schedules to meet rapidly changing demand from retailers.
  • Customer support and PR staff can use it to receive alerts if there are issues with a product or support policies that are generating negative buzz in social media.


by Mehdi Sarsar