How Applications of Big Data Drive Industries

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10. Energy and Utilities

Industry-Specific challenges

The image below shows some of the main challenges in the energy and utilities industry.

Applications of big data in the energy and utilities industry

Smart meter readers allow data to be collected almost every 15 minutes as opposed to once a day with the old meter readers. This granular data is being used to analyze consumption of utilities better which allows for improved customer feedback and better control of utilities use.

In utility companies the use of big data also allows for better asset and workforce management which is useful for recognizing errors and correcting them as soon as possible before complete failure is experienced.

Big Data Providers in this industry include: Alstom Siemens ABB and Cloudera



Having gone through 10 industry verticals including how big data plays a role in these industries, here are a few key takeaways:

  1. There is substantial real spending around big data
  2. To capitalize on big data opportunities, you need to:
  • Familiarize yourself with and understand industry-specific challenges
  • Understand or know the data characteristics of each industry
  • Understand where spending is occurring
  • Match market needs with your own capabilities and solutions
  1. Vertical industry expertise is key to utilizing big data effectively and efficiently

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